If you are planning a holiday to Orlando it may be a good time to sit down and plan out an agenda before arriving because not only are there an overwhelming amount of attractions to tempt anyone in Orlando, but some of the best deals at these attractions can only be secured with a bit of planning and forethought.

The same is true of flights and accommodation at the top rate Florida villa holidays beach resorts because if you arrive there and start browsing these things may be out of your budget, but with some planning you can fit everything and anything in while in Orlando.

While Orlando has plenty of (fake) beaches, nightlife, and city attractions to offer tourists, its main attractions are of course Sea World Adventure Park, Walt Disney World Resort, and Universal Studios.  Each of these parks is at least three or four amusement parks built into one so you need to carefully plan out your schedule if you hope to see more than one of them, or anything else in the massive entertainment area, as each section of each park takes a full day.

Disney World to most, is one of the key attractions in Orlando and contains four different theme parks within its doors titled ‘Disney’s Hollywood Studios,’ ‘Magic Kingdom,’ ‘EPCOT,’ and ‘Disney’s Animal Kingdom.’

Those who are interested in marine life can choose to take a scuba diving lesson can head over to Sea World Adventure Park where there are three parks wrapped into one, the Waterfront, Shamu’s Happy Harbour, and Key West.  Despite the fact that it is geared towards exploring the underwater world, there are also many rides such as the Manta flying roller coaster, the Kraken coaster, and the Sky Tower.  Children will also enjoy the large play park complete with Swishy Fishies, Jazzy Jellies, and a large net climb.

On other hand, those who want to love American films will want to schedule in a trip to Universal Studios which is one of the best Hollywood based parks in the US, and home to many thrilling attractions.  The park is made up of interactive film studios, themed roller coasters, and plenty of rides and sights to see.

Outside of the attractions, another one of the great activities in Orlando is golfing due to its warm weather and the fact that great deal of the masters of the game call the area home.  Due to this fact, courses such as the Grand Cypress Golf Club are championship 18 hole miracles complete with plenty of practice greens and driving ranges.  Due to the fact that there are golf courses scattered throughout Orlando it is quite possible to find one very near wherever you plan to stay during your Florida villa holidays.

You can book course times and tickets to the attractions ahead of time at deep discount as well as inclusive tour groups so that you save deeply on the best that Orlando has to offer.  By taking the time to do a research you can get everything in Orlando in without spending more than your holiday budget can handle.