Great Hotel Deals for City Breaks

The current economic recession has led to people seeking holiday bargains now more than ever and as a result many people head online to find a great value holiday that includes cheap travel and accommodation in a cheap hotel. People are having to work longer and harder than ever before in order to save up for a break, and as you may only be able to afford one holiday a year you want to make sure that you fully enjoy yourself on your trip, wherever it may be.

There are many destinations across Europe that offer great value holidays with plenty of attractions to enjoy, and the choice is firmly yours.

A weekend break to a European city represents the ideal holiday for many people as they do not have much time to spare when it comes to organising a holiday and a quick break abroad is just what they’re after. Each European city offers something different to holiday makers in terms of attractions and things to do, but they all offer visitors a great opportunity to experience a culture that they may not have come across before and explore the charms of each city. Whether you’re planning a romantic break for two or a family holiday, you can book a holiday online that will suit you down to the ground.

There’s plenty of choice where it comes to European city breaks, but if its romance that you’re after then Paris is a good destination to start with. The French capital is well-renowned for being the city of romance and there is plenty for visitors to enjoy there, including a vast array of attractions and monuments. Paris is full of iconic buildings from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, and there are certainly plenty of sights to see and photos for you to take. The city is also a home of culture, with both the Louvre and Moulin Rouge offering visitors two completely different but equally as enjoyable historical attractions.

There is much more to Paris than just iconic buildings though, and the River Seine provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the city by boat and take a relaxing boat trip along the river. The Champs Elysees is a promenade that is at the heart of the city, and the major Paris shopping street is not only home to a number of boutiques and shops but is also where Paris’ best restaurants can be found and where you can enjoy what French cuisine has to offer. The city is also stunning at night, when all the buildings are lit, and a walk along the river can prove to be extremely romantic.

As well as being home to a vast number of attractions, Paris also contains many great hotels and there are lots of hotel deals for visitors to take advantage of. Rooms are available in the French capital from just £36 per night, and there are hundreds to choose from in Paris and the vicinity. You can decide to stay in a cheap and comfortable two star hotel such as the Premiere Classe Orly Rungis, which is situated near the airport and thus has great travel connections. On the other hand you can stay in a more luxurious hotel such as the Millennium Hotel Paris Charles de Gaulle that provides visitors with four star accommodation and many facilities including an indoor pool.

The Italian capital Rome is another city that is ideal for a weekend break, and the ancient city will definitely provide any visitors with their fair share of history, heritage and stunning architecture. The centre of the ‘Eternal City’ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which indicates the beauty that lies within the city. The historic Colosseum is the image that many people get when they think of Rome, and is situated in the heart of ancient Rome alongside the rest of the ancient Forum which is well worth a visit.

Other than this historic landmark, the city of Rome in general is full of history and there are some fascinating stories to listen to about the city and it’s past. Rome’s history spans over two and a half thousand years and although you will only be able to take in a short amount of it during your weekend break, you will still learn a lot and be left in awe of the city. Rome is of course also home to the Vatican City and the Pope, and should be visited whether you are interested in religion or not due to the importance of the world’s smallest state.

As a major tourist destination, and as you would expect there are hundreds of hotels that you can select from in Rome and there are some great savings to be had on some cheap hotels. Hotel Le Petit, which is located in the Monterotondo region of Rome, is two star accommodation that will provide you with all of your basic needs. The more luxurious Holiday Inn gives guests everything they would expect to find at this chain hotel, and the four star Pomezia situated hotel has everything from en-suite rooms to a restaurant and bar. However, the various restaurants around Rome are definitely worth a visit so that you can experience the true taste of Italy and experience a fantastic and authentic meal.

Paris and Rome are just two European cities that offer tourists plenty of attractions, with the former ideal for a romantic break and the latter suitable for people looking to explore the history and heritage of a city when on holiday. Right across Europe there are many other cities with plenty for visitors to do and sights to see, from Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, to Amsterdam, Prague and Vienna. Not only does each destination have lots of tourist attractions, but there are also some great deals on hotels and accommodation available, which will help to keep the cost of any enjoyable weekend break to a minimum.