What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down On Holiday

This summer, thousands of Brits will be packing up the car and setting off around the UK and across Europe on their summer holidays. For the most part, they will have great holidays, experiencing new things and eating new food: hopefully enjoying the very best that the continent has to offer.

For an unlucky few, the story of the holiday will be a little different. Missed boats and trains, forgotten tickets and, perhaps the most frustrating of all, vehicle breakdowns will make a few summer holidays best forgotten.

Before You Go

If you really want to avoid a motoring disaster on the side of one of the continent’s roads, then there are a few things you can do. Firstly, ensure that your car is in good condition. Take care of anything that has been playing up or recently causing a problem. A full service is never a bad idea either. It could just prevent a breakdown, or at least highlight an area that could be a potential problem.

However, even if your car appears to be in perfect working order, there are still things that can go wrong. That’s when you need to be equipped with adequate European breakdown cover. If something should go wrong, with the right cover, one phone call and a local mechanic could be on the scene within minutes. More importantly, you could be off and running again before you know it.

Travel without cover and you’re left trying to find the word for mechanic in a tiny foreign language dictionary, which is never much fun.

On The Road

Once you’re on the road, always take a few minutes to check the car over when you stop. If you’re catching a ferry, then the few minutes when you’re waiting to board are always good. A quick check when you disembarking is also a good idea. The UK is well connected to Europe via ferry links. Lines to mainland Europe can be found around the country. It’s also possible to catch a ferry to the Emerald Isle. For more information about ferries to Ireland click here.

At Your Destination

Once you’ve safely reached where you want to go, make sure you keep your breakdown documents and information safe. Conduct another check of the car and try to park it somewhere safe and where it’s unlikely to be in any danger. Common sense goes a long way to making sure you have the best holiday you and the family can imagine.

The continental driving holiday is almost a rite of passage for any family. If you can survive endless hours on the road together in the same car then you know that you must really love each other. Hopefully, at the end of the holiday it will be the good times and happy memories you remember, not the time when the car broke down and took two days to fix. Plan it well and you should be fine.